Started in July 2013, KidPoWriMo happens during the summer when kids are on summer break. As this project grows, it may be repeated during October, January and April (Poetry Month).

Children are invited to write one poem per day in their notebooks, or on social media with the hashtag: #KidPoWriMo

Adults are welcome to participate, too.

During the summer, KidPoWriMo will be a fun way for children to stay literate and creative during time away from school. When school resumes, teachers can use KidPoWriMo in their classrooms as a complement to their poetry units.

This project was developed by Washington, D.C. based poet, Cheryl Crockett, who has been writing commissioned poems and songs, performing competing/winning contests since childhood. She hosted her Poet-a-tete poetry events in her region and has been encouraging others creatively for nearly 15 years. She has visited countless classrooms as a guest teacher and has participated in many K-12 educational activities as a poet.

Cheryl hosts an annual autumn collaborative haiku activity on-line (#GH4A) and has been posting haiku daily on average since the beginning of 2013. She is preparing to publish her first e-book and an album of original songs.

This page is under construction. More to come…

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